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Family Treasure Hunt - June 2020

Clue Sheet and Directions.

*You are responsible for your own safety & take part entirely at your own risk*. 

This treasure hunt can be done at any time. If you would like your answers checked, scored & to be added to the ‘leaderboard’ please email them to Rob at or Whatsapp 07888 005 440 at anytime during June 2020. 

You can do it individually, or with members of your own household. Please please please be careful looking for answers and respect that the route is on public roads (if with children, use footpaths where possible).

If you follow the route correctly the answers to the clues should be in the order you come across them.

Key to abbreviations used;

sp - sign post R - Right

T/lts - Traffic Lights L - Left

T - T Junction Rab - Roundabout

X - Crossroads @ - at

SHORT 2.40mile Route (

START outside Newick Primary School.

1) Take a selfie of your team (or just you if solo) outside Newick C.E. Primary School! ***Photo 1***

With your back to the School head L along Allington Road.

2) In which room would one of the original Mr Men feel comfortable?

3) What are the nicknames of the 2 men remembered by Newick Bonfire Society

4)How many mushrooms lead to Hampden

L at T onto A272

5)Add the distances

1st R onto Jackies Lane *CARE CROSSING A272* 

6) What year for Reedens Lodge?

7) Where will you only find a few Apples?

8)How many Wents?

Where Jackies Lane turns R, continue straight onto gravel track & then onto bridleway.

9) Find this number 240039 ***Photo 2***

10) A bijou residence for a Rabbit?

11)Along part of which trail have you just traveled?

R at T onto Mill Lane

12) Sorry No what?

13) This cottage is a long way from the Belgian region of the same name.

14) Who tells what way the wind blows?

Continue on road onto Newick Hill

15) What number for White Knights?

16) Where can you see a lone bugler on a horse ***Photo 3***

17) Who is the mail queen?

18) Somewhere a male swan incubates eggs?

L at T onto A272 High Street (keep left / eastbound)

19) This cottage could have been a place in Toy Story 3

Cross A272 at Pelican Crossing T/lts

20) Who was known as a sportsman & craftsman?

FINISH outside Cottage Bakery - If you're early enough get yourself a doughnut! You’ve earned it 👍


MAY TREASURE HUNT ANSWERS - You can see photos of all these answers on my Strava -

1)Take a selfie of your team & your bikes (or just you & your bike if solo) outside Newick Community Centre! ***Photo 1***

This one is easy - just take a piccy 📷

2)If Haywards Heath + Uckfield is 13, how many is Winchester + Canterbury?

Winchester 68 + Canterbury 63 = 131

3)Quality what is on sale here?

Quality Sussex Ales on sale here!

4)This cottage shares its name with a North African capital city.


5) Who is licensed to sell beers wines and spirits?

Beryl J. White

6) What signs switch off here?

Neon Signs Switch Off Here

7) Who is the Mail King?

George 6th

8) Fill in the blanks ‘ George ? - ?? ???? - 19??

George V - AD 1910 - 1936

9) What was presented to the village to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee?

The bench opposite the rectory

10) Miss N Alty is what?


11) How many Fluer-de-lis adorn the gates to The Point House?

There are 19 each side, so 38

12) This road is unsuitable for what?

Heavy goods vehicles

13) What shade of Purple is this Cottage?


14) A family of Badgers may live here?


15) Fill in the blanks ‘?????? Cottage - 20 ??? ???? - C.M.D

Cowley Cottage - 20 Feb 1927 - C.M.D *This one stumped a few people

16) Caution Overhead what?


17)Where will a duck tell you which way the wind blows?

Atop the Reading Room / pre-school

18)Including the sign, how many images of Crowns can be seen outside the pub of the same name?

22 - 2 on the sign, 3 on each of the 5 lanterns, one on the door & 2 on each of the large planters either side of the steps.

19) 1971 was whose Fiftieth Anniversary?

The answer I was looking for was Royal British Legion, NEWICK BRANCH

20) How many years before 19) was Newick Bowls Club founded?

Here, the answer I was looking for was 10 - Contentious this one, but basically "How many years before RBL Newick Branch (which was founded in 1921) was Newick Bowls Club founded (1911) = 10

Remember - its the taking part that counts 👍