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Propel Bikes Mobile Bike Servicing offers conveniences and efficiencies unmatched by the traditional bike shop. Customers no longer have to load and unload to and from a traditional bike shop. Now the bike shop comes to you, at a time & place of your choosing! 

Service & Repair

Extending the workshop expertise provided from the Uckfield shop, Propel now offers a full collection and return service for your bicycle mechanicals.

Free Collect & Return

Silver, Gold or Platinum fixed-price services include free call-out / collect & return within our collection area.

About Propel Bikes

Save time & hassle. We come to you!


No more wrestling your bike to the shop.


Stock of replacement parts, or we fit your internet buys.


Highest standards of workmanship. Fully qualified & insured.


Propel Bikes Service & Repair

We specialize in the assembly & ongoing maintenance of your internet purchased bike.


Fully equipped mobile event & tour support.


Suitability & compatibility consultancy service.


Convenient! Have your bike serviced at a time & place that suits YOU.


Propel Fixed Price Service Packages

Silver, Gold or Platinum fixed-price services include free call-out / collect & return within our collection area. Click here for our full workshop price list.

Prices include cable operated brakes - Hydraulic brakes may incur an additional fee.



This service is our main service. It includes the following:

  • Wheels are trued, hubs are checked for play and adjusted if needed

  • Headset and bottom bracket are checked for play and adjusted if applicable

  • Gears are tuned and indexed, cabling and parts replaced as needed

  • Brakes are balanced and tightened, cabling and pads are replaced as needed

  • Nuts and bolts are checked such as crank, stem and handlebar clamp

  • Tyres are inflated and the drive chain is lubricated

Good for: All bikes at least every six months to keep things running smoothly




This service is a partial strip down of a bike with the degreasing of parts. It includes the following:

  • Drive chain is removed and de-greased, serviced and refitted

  • The bottom bracket is removed as necessary and the frame threads cleaned and greased

  • The bike is then serviced as per a general service

Good for: Bikes that have picked up all of the dirt and grime from the roads




This service is a full strip down of a bike to a bare frame It includes the following:

  • Bike stripped to a bare frame, frame and fork cleaned and checked

  • Headset and bottom bracket are removed, their condition is checked, they are greased and refitted

  • Wheel hubs are disassembled, checked for damage, cleaned, greased and reassembled as necessary

  • Drive chain and brakes are degreased and serviced

  • Brand new high quality stainless steel cableset & black outers fitted where appropriate / Premium black handlebar tape fitted where appropriate
  • Then the bike is serviced as per a general service

Good for: Restoring your bike to its former glory, recommended annually depending on usage

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Really good customer service from a person who understands bikes but also enjoys riding them. Great product range, bespoke Propel apparel gear, social rides, its a win win situation....and its local!!

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