How does it work?

14/12/2018 07:50:18

To put it simply, if your bicycle needs servicing you can book a service appointment either using my super easy online scheduler or call me on 07888 005 440.

I will then arrive at the agreed location, at the agreed time to either service your bicycle there & then or take it away to my fully equipped workshop to carry out the work. Your bicycle will then be returned in tip-top condition, again at an agreed time & location.

It really is that straight forward! I want to make it as simple & easy for you to get your bike serviced.

- No more taking time out of your valuable day to get your bike fixed.
- No more loading your bike in & out of the car.
- No more starting work late, or finishing early to get to the shop.
- No more calling in favours from friends & relatives to collect your bike.
- More time to do what you want!

Anything outside of the regular servicing that your bike needs, I can do that too - Upgrades, new builds, custom builds etc etc etc - just get in touch!