Convenience & The Internet

28/11/2018 11:24:36

Propel Bikes Flyer

A better, more convenient, internet friendly service.

As I said in my previous post, High Street retail is in poor health - The Internet is taking over & the smartphone in everyone's pocket has become the new shopfront. This is no bad thing! The choice & information available to consumers now is bigger & better than it has ever been. No longer are we restricted to what is available in our local vicinity, but (within reason) the world is our marketplace. We can order products from far & wide & have them delivered to our door, sometimes arriving ‘next day’.

This convenience is something that has become the new ‘Norm’ & is the main driving force behind how I would like Propel Bikes level of service to be. I want to make getting your bicycle serviced the most convenient & hassle free experience it can be! I realise that simply getting your bike to the shop for service for some people can be off-putting, for others it can just be downright inconvenient, sometimes having to start work late, or leave early just to drop off or collect their bike.

From 1st January 2019, Propel Bikes will collect your bicycle from your home, workplace or other agreed location, carry out your required service at our workshop & return it at a mutually agreed time. Alternatively, where possible we can use our mobile workshop to carry out your service ‘on-site’ - It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

As well as being as convenient as possible, the other key element for Propel Bikes new way of operating is to be Internet Friendly. There are a lot of good deals to be had on both parts & bicycles online. There are also a lot of good bikes which can only be purchased online. But unfortunately when that part or bicycle arrives on your doorstep that can be where the problems start. A poorly, or incorrectly fitted ‘high end’ part can perform worse than a correctly fitted ‘cheap’ part. Just the same as a badly set-up ‘direct to market’ bike can ride like a dog, & sometimes even be dangerous to the rider or cause damage, if its not built, checked & tuned as it should be!

Propel Bikes will still have access to the same great quality parts & accessories as it always has to carry out your service, build or upgrade. However, if you want to source your own components for fitting, that’s fine too! You just pay the labour. Furthermore, If you want to make sure of the compatibility of certain parts or accessories, or you want to ‘spec-up’ a custom build, get in touch. I can offer a full compatibility & suitability consultancy service for not many £££’s to make sure you order the right part first time.

So in a nutshell: 

    • I will come to you at a time & place that’s convenient for you to service your bike (or bikes).
    • I can supply and fit any parts necessary or you can supply them & pay the labour, the choice is yours.
    • If you order a bicycle in a box from the internet you can arrange to have it sent straight to me.
    • I’ll build it, set it up, test ride it & deliver it ready to ride, to your door!
    • If it’s upgrades you want, give me a call. We can talk through the options & I can source the parts (or you can) & get them fitted.
    • You can call me to book your appointment, or alternatively use the super easy online scheduler!

That’s the jist of how Propel Bikes will look from the beginning of next year. This new model will also allow me to do other things with the business, such as tour & event support, more foreign trips, more group rides & many other avenues to explore - I am genuinely excited about what this next chapter can bring & look forward to what lays ahead.

BTW, there is a 15% discount to be had on group bookings of 3 or more services to be carried out at the same time / location - Get the whole Family's bikes serviced, or club together with colleagues to get all your commute bikes done while you work?

Turns out the internet can, and will fix your bike 😉