We run a workshop diary / appointment system…

Just like a garage, you can book your bike in to have work carried out & we will have it completed by the time we have agreed for you to collect. Alternatively you can bring your bike in any time. We will have a look at the bike with you and then agree upon what needs to be done. We will give you a quotation for the work and then agree with you a day and time for collection.


Are the busier days of the week for customers visiting the shop. It is great to see the shop busy, but it does mean we spend less time in the workshop so less can be guaranteed over the weekend. If you need your bike back asap, consider taking advantage of our weekday opening hours, (09:30am to 18:00pm), when it is easier for us to complete services same / next day.

Servicing prices…

Labour rates are flat rates, no hidden charges or extras. If parts need fitting as part of your bike service then you only pay for the cost of the parts, no extra for fitting. If you provide all of your own parts to be fitted, then expect to be charged a surcharge, local shops are not fitting services for the internet and we will not warranty parts not purchased from the shop. Click here for full workshop price list


There is a £3 per day storage charge for all bikes not collected when agreed. We are small and storage is a constant problem. Please don’t force us to turn away work because your bike is clogging up our store room.

Small jobs…

Can be carried out on the spot while you wait. Sometimes for free, sometimes for a packet of biscuits and sometimes for a small charge, perhaps £5 to cover the time.

Tips are always welcomed and are spent on beer, (lets be honest now).


Bought from the shop will be fitted for free, including tyres, wheels and bar tape. Accessories bought from elsewhere will incur a charge to fit.

Suspension servicing…

Is not currently carried out in-house, although we can remove your suspension & have this sent away to be serviced by an approved service centre at a very reasonable cost. Ask for details.

Insurance quotes…

Are available from the shop for £30. You will be provided with a workshop receipt and a letter headed quotation. The charge is then refundable if you go ahead with the work. This way the insurance quote is paid for with the labour quoted.

General Workshop price list

Prices are for labour only and do not include parts

This service is a full strip down of a bike to a bare frame It includes the following:
Bike stripped to a bare frame, frame and fork cleaned and checked
Headset and bottom bracket are removed, their condition is checked, they are greased and refitted
Wheel hubs are disassembled, checked for damage, cleaned, greased and reassembled
Drive chain and brakes are degreased and serviced
Then the bike is serviced as per a general service
Good for: Restoring your bike to its former glory, recommended annually depending on usage
This service is a partial strip down of a bike with the degreasing of parts It includes the following:
Drive chain and brakes are removed and de-greased, serviced and refitted
The bottom bracket is removed and the frame threads and cleaned and greased
The bike is then serviced as per a general service
Good for: Bikes that have picked up all of the dirt and grime from the roads
GENERAL SERVICE, (the benchmark for the services above) £49
This service is our main service It includes the following:
Wheels are trued, hubs are checked for play and adjusted if needed
Headset and bottom bracket are checked for play and adjusted if applicable
Gears are tuned and indexed, cabling and parts replaced as needed
Brakes are balanced and tightened, cabling and pads are replaced as needed
Nuts and bolts are checked such as crank, stem and handlebar clamp
Tyres are inflated and the drive chain is lubricated.
Good for: All bikes at least every six months to keep things running smoothly
Headset, bottom bracket and cranks checked
Gears and brakes tuned and adjusted as necessary
Wheels checked for true, hubs checked for play
Nuts and bolts checked, chain lightly oiled, tyres inflated
Good for: Bikes that need a quick tune up, (perhaps before an event) New bikes that need assembling
The headset will be removed, cleaned and inspected for damage and wear The head tube of the frame and the steerer tube of the fork will also be cleaned and  checked The headset will be refitted and the cups and bearings will be greased The headset will be adjusted accordingly
The bottom bracket will be removed and cleaned and the frame threads or bearing surfaces will be cleaned and greased Open cup and ball bottom brackets will have new ball bearings fitted Pedal threads will also be greased  
The hub will be dismantled and cleaned along with the cone nuts and axle Bearing will be cleaned or replaced The hub will be reassembled with fresh grease This is also the charge for fitting a freehub body   
Both brakes will be balanced and tightened Braking surfaces will be cleaned and brake pads will be checked and replaced if needed Price includes the labour of fitting cabling as needed  
To bleed a hydraulic brake the wheel and brake pads will be removed The pads will be cleaned or replaced if necessary and the brake will be bled with suitable fluid Rotors  will be cleaned and degreased  
Gears will be tuned and indexed where applicable Derailleur systems will have limit screws set, and the alignment of the rear mech hanger will be checked Cables will be replaced as needed  
DRIVECHAIN STRIP AND DEGREASE, (add on to a gear service) £19
In addition to a gear service, the drive chain will be removed and put through our parts washer to get it super clean The gears will then be serviced as per a gear service  Allow a budget for an inner cable or two  
When truing a wheel we always aim to get within 2mm Truing a wheel will often  include tensioning the spokes  
As above but including the replacement of broken spokes Excludes the cost of the spokes
Includes frame preparation as needed Grease will be applied to the bearings and the headset will be adjusted An expander plug or star nut will be fitted to the steerer tube  
As above but with the additional work of cutting down the steerer tube An expander plug or star nut will be fitted to the steerer tube  
Includes cleaning the frame threads or bottom bracket shell if press fit Shell will be faced if necessary Bearings will be greased and the bottom bracket will be adjusted if applicable  
Includes the above with the cleaning of the old chainset, and the adjustment of the front mech as needed  
As per a gear service with the fitting of new parts If just the chain needs to be replaced with this service, then the cassette will be removed and degreased  
The installation of a single gear or brake cable and the setting up of the relevant part  Plus the cost of the cable
HANDLEBAR TAPE, (not bought from the shop) £10
Existing bar tape will be removed, cables will be tidied if needed Bars will be wrapped, ends taped and bar plugs fitted Note, if bought from the shop then handlebar tape will be fitted for free
WHEEL FITTING, (not bought from the shop) £10 (Each)
Wheels will be fitted along with rim tape, tyre and tube Brakes will be checked, and gears if it is a rear Tyres will be inflated Note, if bought from the shop then wheels will be fitted for free
TYRE FITTING, (not bought from the shop) £8 (Each)
Tyres will be fitted taking note of the rotation direction if applicable, and inflated to the recommended pressure Note, if bought from the shop then tyres will be fitted for free
We only use Continental rim cement We add several coats of glue which take 24 hours to dry, so typically the process takes three days Note, £20 if tyres are bought in the shop
Be it a front or rear wheel, a bike or a buggy, puncture repair is one price and includes the cost of a replacement inner tube If it is deemed that the tyre needs replacing, then you will only pay for the tyre and tube, no fitting charge Can’t say fairer  
There will be many workshop jobs that do not fit into any of the descriptions above Prices of these jobs will be quoted as we go Just ask